Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A few thougths on Blue Ocean strategy and the End2End model

I've just today been introduced to a part of "Blue Ocean" strategy that is referred to as the Buyer Experience Cycle:


Its very encouraging to see how the same thinking that is the foundation beneath the End2End customer experience model, that I have presented previously here, can also be applied to Blue Oean thinking. But there is an additional angle on the customer experience in this model, called the "Utility Levers":

- Customer Productivity
- Simplicity
- Convenience
- Risk
- Fun and Image
- Environmental Friendliness

When adding these to the Experience Cycle (or to our End2End model) you end up with a two-dimensional "Customer Experience Map" that can be used to examine how your new product idea creates a different value proposition from existing products.

So the power of the End2End customer experience model is thereby extended to cover not only the development process (more about that later) and help you ensure that you're "Doing the right things" (the value dimension) and that you're "Doing things right" (the optimization dimension) but also supports you in defining how your product idea is differentiated from competition!

Please comment if this is unclear or if you disagree.

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